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UNIGLOBE The Premiere Travel Group is a fully integrated travel management organization. We specialize in customized corporate travel solutions and focus on mid to large size corporations. We ensure that our clients have access to the same discounts some of the largest corporations enjoy.

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Incredible India
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by UNIGLOBE Premiere - India
Tips: How To Make Your Cruising Experience Better Every time you book a cruise; it is because you want to have some fun, probably relax and unwind, visit exotic destination, 'wow' a girlfriend or boyfriend and enjoy some fine dining. This is however not always the case. There are some things you need to do for yourself to make your cruising experience awesome.
ATVing in Quebec's Geographically Diverse and Spectacular Terrain ATVing is the name given for driving an all-terrain-vehicle in areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Canada is a diverse and spectacular country. Unfortunately, most of its territory is inaccessible to the average car. Smart holiday makers have identified an easy way of visiting even the most remote locations in Canada. They use the ATV recreational vehicles.
Quebec City, Qc, Canada
STAY FOR 10 NIGHTS, GET 3 FREE! Caribbean,
The Awesome L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site The generations of Dorset Eskimos who have dwelt here can be easily determined by the evidence that was excavated here.
Algonquin, on K0e, Canada
Rock Out At The Beach! $1800 RESORT CREDIT Mexico
5 Boutique Hotels you need to consider staying at in Florence Few people know it, but he was actually advising the prince of the Italian city of Florence and its districts. Florence is the birthplace of capitalism. You will therefore love to visit and explore its history.
Florence, Italy
Club Med Arc Extreme 2,000 meters above the sea level in the French Alps, at the foot of the ski runs, you find your best idea of a holiday spot. If you are a snow sports enthusiast, then you need to sit up and take notice.
France, France
Hilton Budapest - Castle District Welcome to Hilton Budapest in the Castle District of Budapest, Hungary. Like always, the Hilton Brand has outdone itself here if the number of services to the guests is anything to go by.
Budapest, Hungary
Occidental Grand Aruba Supposing somebody asked you to define a great holiday destination. What would you say? A place with turquoise waters? One with friendly staff, great food and white sand beaches maybe? Perhaps some warm weather? Well, you will be right on all counts.
An active senior couple sightseeing in a golf cart..jpg
Why Benaki Museum is a must see in Athens If you follow the art circles, you would know that the museum houses Greek art from the prehistoric times to the modern times.
Benaki Museum.jpg
Athens, Greece
Why you need to check out Adventure Rooms in Athens Are you game for some puzzle solving activities? The game is simple. You are locked in a room in groups. The prize is getting out of the mysterious room in 60 minutes. You use your intuition, teamwork, logic and unique items in the room to get out of the room. Welcome to the AdventureRooms in Athens - the fun lovers destination of choice in Athens.
Blindfolded young man at home in living room cannot see, trying to find his way with his hands.jpg
Athens, Greece
Turtle Bay Resort Welcome to Oahu’s Northern Shore resort – The Turtle Bay Resort. You will get to honor ancient rituals and cultures as practiced by generations of the islanders.
View of Turtle Bay in a summer day.jpg
Oahu, Hawaii, Usa
Mount Wutai you gotta go here Due to its five flat peaks Mount Wutai is one of the holy Buddhist Mountains. It is a cultural landscape that boasts 41 monasteries, several temples, and life like clay structures. The catalogue of the buildings found here reads like Chinese cultural encyclopedia.
Government pagodas in the Buddhist monastery in Wutai Shan in China.jpg

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